Weldon Public Library District

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February Minutes

Weldon Library Board meeting minutes

For February 16, 2016


    The meeting was called to order by President Pat Brown at 7:03 PM in the board room of the Weldon Public Library.

    The roll call was conducted by Secretary Bob Walters. Pat Brown, Susan Westray, Christi Baker, Alycia Brockman, Amanda Walters, Tracy Young and Bob Walters were all present. Librarian Lori Weaver was also present.

    Secretary Bob Walters read the minutes of the January 19th meeting. There was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Amanda Walters, to accept the minutes as read. The vote was a unanimous 7 – 0.

    No one was present for the public forum item on the agenda.

    There were no closed session items for the board to discuss.

    Treasurer’s Report: was given by Treasurer Christi Baker.                                         

The January 1, 2016, beginning balance was $20,040.05. Total receipts for the month of January was $4.14. Disbursements amounted to $5,521.55. This activity resulted in a January 31st ending balance of $14,522.64. The January payroll and the February bills were also reviewed. There was a motion by Bob Walters, second by Susan Westray, to accept the treasurer’s report as given. The vote was a unanimous 7 – 0.

    Librarian’s Report: was given by Librarian Lori Weaver.                                       

The Pre-K reading at the grade school will be next Wednesday, the 24th, with a fish and sharks theme.  The High School Book Club is wanting to get active again. A different teacher has agreed to combine them with the 7th and 8th grade readers.   The 11:23 program was the last one for this school year. Thirty kids enjoyed different crafts with a Valentine theme.  The new labels for the library have arrived and are ready for use.  The typewriter has quit working. Lori doesn’t yet know if she will get it fixed, or where to take it to get it fixed.

    OLD BUSINESS                                                                                                                  

The FY2017 Per Capita Grant Requirement is identifying educational programs and training opportunities for patrons.  Lori has received updated rules for destruction of records. Our library was inspected, and we have received a copy of the report. The report has been sent to the Department of Records who will issue a permit to destroy records. The subject “vapor cigarettes” was discussed. Board consensus for a policy for them was to add vapor electronic cigarettes to the verbiage in our Policy #1 – Library Rules, Item 2. There was a motion by Tracy Young, second by Susan Westray, to accept the proposed change in the wording of Policy #1. The vote was 7 – 0.

    NEW BUSINESS                                                                                                                  

The board reviewed our Policies 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27.    Policy #23 – Sexual Harassment – No changes necessary.  Policy #24 – Meeting and Telephone Conferencing – No changes necessary.  Policy #25 – Confidentiality of Records – No changes necessary.   Policy #26 – Privacy & Patriotic Act Policy – No changes necessary.   Policy #27 – Library Tort Levy Expenditures/Risk Management Plan – correct body   verbiage to 10% from 5%.    The Post- Prom organization has asked for donations for the May 7th event at the school. Lori will send duplicate and/or weeded books. The board concurred.   The board reviewed our Disaster Plan. The calling tree was updated as well as other pages with current or corrected information.   The board reviewed their lawn care and HVAC contracts. Lawn care contractor has agreed to continue at the same price. Lori has not heard from Boley’s yet. She will also contact Burton’s HVAC to compare prices.  The ADA item on the agenda has been tabled until next month.

    Having no other business to discuss, there was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Amanda Walters, to adjourn. The vote was 7 – 0.   Meeting adjourned at 8:41 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Robert Walters, Secretary