Weldon Public Library District

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January Minutes

Weldon Library Board Meeting Minutes

                                              For January 17, 2017

     The meeting was called to order by President Pat Brown at 7:02 PM in the board meeting room of the Weldon Public Library.

    The roll-call was conducted by Secretary Bob Walters. Pat Brown, Susan Westray, Christi Baker, Amanda Walters, Tracy Young and Bob Walters were all present. Alycia Brockman was absent. Librarian Lori Weaver was also present.

    Secretary Bob Walters read the minutes of the November 14, 2016, meeting. There was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Amanda Walters, to accept the minutes as read. The vote was 6 – 0.

    No one was present for the public forum portion of the agenda.

    There were no closed session items for the board to consider.

    TREASURER’S REPORT: was given by Christi Baker.

The November 1, 2016, beginning balance was $ 32,097.95. The receipts for the month were $8.32. Disbursements totaled $4,395.40 for the month. This activity resulted in a Nov. 30th ending balance of $27,953.60. The November payroll and December bills were also reviewed. The Two CD’s matured on November 21st. They were both allowed to roll over for another year at the same interest rate of .25%

The December 1, 2016, beginning balance was $27, 953.60. Total receipts amounted to $15.52. The disbursements amounted to $4,3965.40. This activity resulted in a December 31st ending balance of $23,573.72. The December payroll and January bills were also reviewed. There was a motion by Amanda Walters, second by Susan Westray, to accept the treasurer’s report as read. The vote was 6 – 0.

    LIBRARIAN’S REPORT: was presented by Librarian Lori Weaver.

    Pre-K meeting was last week at the school. They enjoyed new books from the book fair.

    The High School Book Club finished “Ember in the Ashes”. They will next read “Say What You Will”, followed by “The Girl Who Fell”. The Middle School Book Club is presently reading “The Ocean at The End of The Lane”. They will next read “Nothing to Lose”.

    The school early dismissal day was January 4th. Only 15 kids attended.

    The Santa Clause visit in December had 13 kids and 6 adult visitors.

    The Family Reading Night at the library was attended by 20 kids and 16 adults.

The Book Fair had good sales and increased donations. The school will receive $1756.12 in “scholastic dollars”. Our library will receive the same amount.

The board received a bi-monthly handout. Circulation numbers, Interlibrary Loans, and computer users have greatly increased compared to same period last year.

    All board members up for reelection have turned in their petitions.

    The cloud activity for December was 30,193 system wide total circulation. Our library numbers have increased too.

    Our library has received the final distribution of tax funds of $4,817.66.

    Our FY2017 Per Capita Grant has been submitted. We received $641 last year, $1,040 the year before. We don’t know what the amount will be this year.


    Riverton Library has acknowledged our donation to the Farm Progress Show.


    The board reviewed our policies #18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.

Policy 18 – Gifts to Library Gift Agreement – No change.

Policy 19 – Circulation Policy – Replacement Prices Increased.

Policy 20 – Responsibilities of the Treasurer – No change.

Policy 21 – Drug & Alcohol Free Library – No change.

Policy 22 – Bloodborne Pathogens Policy – No change.

Reviewed bylaws – No change.

    Statements of economic interest are due February 1st. All board signed and submitted.

    Open Meeting Act and FOIA representatives must review and renew each year.

    FY 2018 Per Capita Grant requirements are not ready from the State of Illinois.

    FY 2018 SHARE Members fee is up 5% this year to $1725.00

    Copier repair contract is up to $605.00 per year. Board consensus was to cancel the contract.

    Having no other business to conduct, there was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Amanda Walters, to adjourn. Vote was 6 – 0. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Robert Walters, Secretary.