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March Minutes

Weldon Library Board Meeting Minutes


March 15, 2016


          The meeting was called to order by President Pat Brown at 7:01 PM in the board room of the Weldon Public Library.


          The roll call was conducted by Susan Westray.  Pat Brown, Alycia Brockman, Amanda Walters, Christi Baker, and Susan Westray were all present.  Librarian Lori Weaver was also present.  Bob Walters was absent and Tracy Young arrived at 7:24 PM.


          President Pat Brown read the minutes from the February 16th meeting.  A correction was made to change “ADA” to “AED”.  There was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Alycia Brockman, to accept the minutes as read with the correction made.  The vote was unanimous 5-0.


          No one was present for the public forum item on the agenda.


          There were no closed session items for the board to discuss.


          Treasurer's Report: was given by Treasurer Chrisi Baker.

The February 1, 2016 beginning balance was $14,522.64.  Total receipts for the month of February was $9,552.76.  Disbursements amounted to $3,045.17.  This activity resulted in a February 29th ending balance of $21,030.23.  The February payroll and March bills were also reviewed.  There was a motion by Alycia Brockman, second by Susan Westray, to accept the treasurer's report as given.  The vote was unanimous 5-0.


          Librarian's Report: was given by Librarian Lori Weaver.

Lori Weaver handed out the updated disaster plan to add to our binders.  The Pre-K reading was postponed on February 24th due to a snow day.  It was rescheduled for March 3rd.  Lori asked a dentist to donate goody bags including toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss.  Every child received a goody bag.  Lori sent the dentist a thank you with a picture of the children.  March 23rd is the date of the next Pre-K visit.

The Middle/High School Book Club is doing better.  New members have joined and there has been better discussion with a larger group.  The books the club is reading now are What Happened to Cass McBride by Gail Giles and Split by Swati Awasthi.

Post Prom is May 7th and Lori will order through Scholastic with Scholastic Dollars to give a donation.




The FY2017 Per Capita Grant Requirements:  Discussion was had about various educational programs could be brought to the library.  Tracy Young recommended Oliva Heiser, a yoga teacher.  And Alycia Brockman recommended Cory Brubaker, a personal trainer. 

Record Disposal Update: Lori needs to type up more information for Sandy Lucas.  This will remain unfinished business for now.

AED Laws and Legislation:  There are grant possibilities to obtain an AED for the library.  We are, however, not required to have an AED on the premises.  This was determined not to be necessary at the moment to look into this further.



The board reviewed our Policies 28, 29, 30, & 31.

Policy #28-Obtaining A Weldon Public Library District Card-no changes necessary.

Policy #29-Illinois FOIA-change operating budget, fiscal year, and FOIA officers.

Policy #30-Reference Service-no changes necessary.

Policy #31-Firearm Concealed Carry Act-no changes necessary.

Open Meetings Update:  Lori passed out copies of electronic training, and we are compliant in all areas.

New Per Capita Grant Requirments:  Using new technologies is a new requirement.  It was discussed that the Weldon Public Library utilizes the Interlibrary Loan Program, free Wi-Fi that is accessible after hours, and Wi-Fi printing for partrons. 

The Weldon United Methodist Church will be hosting a free community breakfast that will benefit the library's summer reading program.  The breakfast will be held Saturday, March 19 at the church.  A free-will offering will be collected and all proceeds will be donated to the library.


Having no further business to discuss, there was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Alycia Brockman, to adjourn.  The vote of 6-0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


Amanda Walters, Trustee