Weldon Public Library District

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May Minutes

Weldon Library Board Meeting Minutes

For May 17, 2016


    The meeting was called to order by President Pat brown at 7:00 PM in the board meeting room of the Weldon Public Library.

    The roll-call was conducted by Bob Walters. Pat Brown, Susan Westray, Christi Baker, Amanda Walters, Alycia Brockman, Tracy Young and Bob Walters were all present. Librarian Lori Weaver was also present.

    Secretary Bob Walters read the minutes of the April 19th meeting. There was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Amanda Walters, to accept the minutes as read. The vote was a unanimous 7 – 0.

    No one was present for the public forum item on the agenda.

    There were no closed session items for the board to consider.

    Treasurer’s Report: was given by Treasurer Christi Baker.

The April 1, 2016, beginning balance was $14,649.34. Receipts for the month totaled $18.07. Disbursements amounted to $4,428.80. This resulted in an April 30th ending balance of $10,238.61. The April payroll and May bills were also reviewed. There was a motion by Bob Walters, second by Tracy Young, to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. The vote was a unanimous 7 – 0.

    Librarian’s Report: was given by Librarian Lori Weaver.

    The High School Book Club had a party last week because school was almost out. The group read over 30 books this school year.

    Pre-K story time will be next Wednesday, the 25th.They will have an ice cream with sprinkles party.

    The donations for the summer reading program now totals $989.00. Monticello County Market is donating all the snacks.

    Everything in our process for records disposal has been approved. We may begin according to our priorities.

    3M books has added 6,000 e-books to the available selections.

    There were 14,679 e-books checked out in April, plus 2,024 audio books, for a month total of 16,512 items system wide.

    Lori has received an e-mail from the State of Illinois telling about library district maps now available on the internet. Unclaimed areas are also detailed.


    The board members received an updated building maintenance report. Bob Walters will get more bags of granite chips to place around the trees. We will get some additional dirt from the Village dirt pile to place under the tree by the reading garden to make a flower planting bed. Lori will paint the glider. We will set up a work day for bushes and tree trimming.

    Lori sent four boxes of yearbooks to Oklahoma for digitizing. There will be a 5 to 6-week turnaround time. We will receive a disk copy of the yearbooks in return.


    Board members received a handout copy of meeting dates for the next fiscal year. It will be Ordinance 16-01.

    The formula for the purchase of a non-resident library card resulted in a fee of $171.05 for a year. There was a motion by Susan Westray, second by Alycia Brockman, to accept the fee for this card. The vote was 7 – 0.

    Board members received a copy of the bi-monthly report for the Mar/Apr time period. With comparison information for the same time period last year. Material circulated, reference questions, and reciprocal borrowers continue to grow.

    There were no suggestions for new business for our next meeting.

    Having no other business to conduct, there was a motion by Susan Wetsray, second by Amanda Walters, to adjourn. The vote was 7 – 0.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:58 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


Robert Walters, Secretary.