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November minutes

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 Weldon Library Board Meeting Minutes

For November 19, 2013



    The meeting was called to order by President Dale Holtzscher at 7:05 P. M.


    Secretary Bob Walters conducted the roll-call. Dale Holtzscher, Pat Brown, Susan Westray, Christi Baker, Tracy Young, Dick Helton and Bob Walters were all present. Librarian Lori Weaver was present also.


    The minutes of the October 15th meeting were read by Secretary Bob Walters. There was a motion by Dick Helton, second by Christi Baker, to accept the minutes as read. The vote was 7 – 0.


    No one was present for the public forum item on the agenda.


    There were no closed session items for the board to consider.


    TREASURER’S REPORT: was given by Christi Baker.

    The October 1, 2013, beginning balance was $41,594.14. Total receipts for the month were $0.34. Disbursements for the month amounted to $6,065.37. This activity resulted in an October 31st ending balance of $35,529.11. The October payroll and the November bills were also reviewed. There was a motion by Bob Walters, second by Susan Westray, to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. The vote was 7 – 0.

   Two CD’s mature this week. Dale investigated the interest rates from the area financial institutions. Following a short discussion, the board’s consensus was to renew CD #39866 and CD # 39867 for one year at .25% at the State Bank of Lincoln.


    LIBRARIAN’S REPORT: was given by Librarian Lori Weaver.

    Reading to the pre-k class at school will take place tomorrow, Nov. 20th.

    The High School Book Club is still going strong.

    The Middle School Book Club has not started as yet.

    Library Storytime will be this Saturday, Nov. 30th.

    The book fair will be held at DW Schools from December 6th thru Dec. 13th. Lori has received three donations so far.

    Santa will visit the Library on Sat., Dec. 14th. Lori suggested we do not do the cookie sale this year due to too little reward for so much work.

    Our fire extinguisher needs to be updated. Dick Helton will take to Champaign this week to be checked.

    We received a Bi-monthly handout for the time period of Sept/Oct, 2013. The 2012 figures for that period were included. Computer usage and total circulation numbers have gone down, but interlibrary loans and patron requests have increased.

    Music CD checkout has waned to the extent that Lori has all but quit ordering or buying them. The board agrees with this action.



   New Business

    The Library’s Christmas decoration night will be Monday, December 2nd at 6:00 PM.

    The board was presented a proposed concealed carry policy. We must post “no carry” signs at our facility. There was a motion by Tracy Young, second by Christi Baker, to accept the Policy 31 – Concealed Carry – as proposed. The vote was 7 – 0.

    The Per-Capita Grant forms are not available yet. We will address this at a latter date when the forms become available.

    Illinois Heartland is offering ebooks. There is a fee to join this service. We received two handouts explaining how to use the system. There was a motion by Dick Helton, second by Tracy Young, to join this system for the $250 or $265.36 fee they are charging. The vote was 7 – 0.

   The board reviewed policies #10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Policy 10 – Employment Guidelines – no changes were necessary.

Policy 11 – Authority to Spend – no changes were necessary.

Policy 12 – Service to Patrons with Disabilities – no changes were necessary.

Policy 13 – Disposal of Surplus Library Materials – no changes were necessary.

Policy 14 – Emergency Procedures – Changed one word.



    We received our Comptrollers Report back. It needs to be signed and sent in.

    Dale had talked to Travis Boley about installing the electrical hookup for the auxiliary generator. He was going to update his estimate and get back to us. He has not done that. So Dale is going to talk to other electricians about doing the work soon.

   Dale is checking the wording in the fire code about exit lights. He has already put a guard around the bulb in the furnace room.

   SWOT Analysis – Lori will try vending a limited supply of candy bars and sodas to see what level of activity and profits are possible. We will revisit again in January.

   The board members are encouraged to think of some topics for new business.


   Having no other business to discuss, there was a motion by Bob Walters, second by Susan Westray, to adjourn. The vote was 7 – 0.

   The meeting was adjourned at 9:06 PM.



Respectfully Submitted,  



Robert Walters, Secretary  


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