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Trustee Resources

The Board of Trustees for the Weldon Public Library District meets monthly, on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm, in the Conference Room.

There are seven (7) elected members who reside within the WPLD.  Terms are for 4 years.  Elections are held in odd numbered years.
Board members are not paid for their service on the Library Board.  For more detailed information, you may reference the Illinois Public Library Trustee Manual.


Duties of the Board of Trustees:
  • Act as liason with the community
  • Policy development
  • Personnel salary/wage review
  • Strategic planning
  • Resource oversight: budget, fundraising
  • Evaluation of building, community service needs
  • Advocacy
  • Employ competent and qualified library director
  • Complete OMA training
  • Fill out economic interest form
The Board governs the library.  The Director manages the library.
Duties of the Library Director:
  1. Technical Adviser to the board: policies, laws
  2. Hiring, training, promotion/dismissal of all staff
  3. Create/revise and implement policies approved by the board
  4. Report regularly on library activities, complete the Annual Report (IPLAR)
  5. Prepare budget in consultation with the board and Library Attorney
  6. Responsible for materials selection
  7. Attend board meetings
  8. Attend professional development opportunities
  9. Join local, state, and national organizations
  10. Active in community organizations
Knowledgeable and well informed library trustees help create better libraries. Trustees hold a position of trust and are responsible for the financial oversight of the library: hiring and evaluation of the library director; representing the best interest of their community; and complying with and upholding library law.


Trustees will gain the knowledge they need to effectively do their jobs and be acknowledged for their efforts. They must have a current library card from the Weldon Public Library District. Newly elected board members must complete the Illinois Open Meetings Act Training within 90 days of an elected or an appointed office.  
This training should be completed annually.  
Training materials can also be found using the additional links listed below.





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